Sophie Jonson, Associate

Sophie received her Master of Architecture from Rice University and her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia.  Her studies allowed her to follow academic pursuits, not only throughout North America but also abroad, with travel studios to Italy, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, and China. 

While at Rice, Sophie contributed to the “Lobby Urbanism” exhibition (A Rice Design Alliance Initiative for Houston). In collaboration with Bryony Roberts, she explored Houston’s downtown tower lobbies and underground tunnel network as future public spaces.  She was also a part of the Inventing Sha Tin Studio, led by Albert Pope, which extensively researched Hong Kong’s modernist New Town urbanism as a potential model for urban occupation and design.

Between her studies, she worked as a junior architect at Tymoff + Moss Architects in Virginia and later with architect Carlos Jiménez in Houston.  Sophie joined CDR Studio in 2015 and is the project manager of eastern region dealerships for Audi of America. She was named an Associate in October 2018.