Bauhaus Lab Marseille

Jonathan Dreyfous
Victoria A. Rospond
Lea H. Cloud
Miguel Beleza
Rapheal Pereira
Anke Roggenbuck
Gloria Kim
Alana Anderson
Emile Rog
Marseille, France

Hannes Meyer:  "In every creative design appropriate to living, we reorganize an organized form of existence."

Between the Gropius and Mies years at Bauhaus, Meyer held the chairmanship of the school. The scheme accepts the actualities of the site and reorganizes their presence as a non-neutral field of possibilities. The mapping of paths and uses in the space anticipates fluctuating and evolving uses. Opposed to his predecessor’s notion of an architecture of an organic whole or total work of art, Meyer offered an idea of co-op interventions that produces experiential effects. It is the mapping of existing conditions, working processes and operations and production of effects. The Co-Op Bau is conceived as an apparatus that allows for events of creativity and collective dialogue.